Yesterday brought  the sad news of the death of fashion designer Alexander McQueen. It will be on the front pages of today’s newspapers, and featured prominently in television and radio , but it will also generate a great deal of comment through social media.

How did you find out he had died? Were you personally upset or affected by the news? Spend some time looking at the way this event has been covered by non-establishment websites and blogs, and microblogging sites (Twitter, Facebook), then write a picee for your blog. This can take the form of a personal comment, a news feature, or even an academic case study. Use delicious and other tools to organise your inquiry.

Tell us what you found out about McQueen but, more importantly, think about the way in which the social media community reacted.  Remember, too, that many other people will be doing searches on McQueen, and they may well stumble on your work so make sure it reflects well on you and your university! When you have finished, add a comment, with a link, to this post pointing us to you post, and including a couple of sentences summarising your impressions.

In the second half of the lesson, we will work on building the number of interesting sites you follow, adding them to Google Reader and to the blogroll on your own sites, and, following your recommendations, to this course blog. I suggest you create to sections in your blogroll, one for media – PR or journalism sites, and one for sites that will be of wider interest to readers of your personal blog.  Both PR Studies and Online Journalism have extensive  lists that will get you started. Go for quality not quantity – write a short post saying you have begun to build a blogroll, and saying why you have chosen to include five named and linked sites.

We will also decide between your recommendations for an appropriate tenmplate for this blog – it will have a new look by the end of the session.

So a busy couple of hours – get going!