Most of you now have the basic tools and skills needed to create the blog that will be at the heart of your MAC114 asssessment. Today, we are going to begin with you sending a comment to this post explaining your progress so far, including a short summary of your proposed blog, and its URL so we call all add links to each others blogs to our own site.

We will spend a short time reading and conmmenting on class blogs but I want you to spend most of the session finding writers who are doing a good job with a similar project to your own. Identify at least three, and ideally five, blogs from which you can learn.

Write a post for your own blog, including links, that sets out the strengths and weaknesses of the sites you have chosen. What characteristics are shared by sites you enjoy visiting? News? Video and pictures? Entertaining writing?

Remember that by doing so you may well encourage the person you are writing about to visit, and comment on your site!

Before the end of the lesson, add another comment here that briefly summarises your thoughts on the five sites you have reviewed.