We’ll spend a bit of time today thinking about what you learnt from the guest lectures by Josh Halliday and Steve Noble. Please add a comment to this post giving at least three things you took from each session and, where possible, demonstrate how you will apply these new insights to your own social media activity. Take some time over this, and try to embed hyperlinks into your comments, thereby enriching content and building relationships with fellow bloggers. 

We will then have a brief look at a presentation (MAC114 wk5s1 Time for Theory) which sets out some of the ways in which we can examine the impact of social media from a number of theoretical perspectives. It begins by asking you to think about how you would have used media in 1990 and 2000 – the change is staggering. To help signpost this jour ney I have put together a very basic powerpoint presentation which I will upload after class. It is informative, but far from complete,  and by its very definition it will continue to change. How could we use the various social media tools we have discussed so far to make this collection of dates and data more flexible, and more productive?

That will be your introduction to Wikinomics and crowdsourcing….