Getting noticed (for the right reasons)!
Getting noticed online is no different from getting noticed in ‘real life’. It takes a little effort. You need to do something. Ideally you need to do something in a planned way.
The first essential for planned online communication, either for the Brand of You or for an organisational client, is to create interesting content – there has to be something out there for people to notice, and it has to be constantly evolving. If you are trying to create dialogue, you need repeated interaction.
Don’t think of your blog as a billboard or poster that someone might glance at while passing. It has to be a friend, something other people want to return to, to get know, and discuss.
Think though how you build friendships? Perhaps it is based on what the person looks like, or you find tourself in a  situation where you seem to share common interests.
Looking the part is important. Does your blog project a personality that is likely to be of interest to like-minded visitors?
Is your blog visible in places that like-minded people are likely to gather? What does this mean in the online environment?
Do you keep potential friends/ visitors/ contacts up to date with what you are doing? How do you find out about people and places that interest you? Though Facebook? Through Twitter? How wlese? If so, are you keeping people in touch with your blog?
If someone talks to you, do you reply? If some one comments on your blog, do you thank them for their interest? Do you visit their blog?
Have a look at your stats. Is anyone from outside the class visiting?  
A simple rule of social media is “The more you give, the more you get.” Try it.   
What do you think of the blogs being written by Level 2s? Read and comment – see you can encourage them to visit and contribute to your blog. Which ones work? And why?
Be ready to show your blog to the rest of the class – and to Josh.