One of the distinguishing characteristics of what some call Web 2.0 is that it’s features can be endlessly reconfigured and recombined. The blog- or site-designer can ‘mash-up’ a huge range of features, often known as widgets or web-widgets, partly to give freshness, partly to meet more strategic objectives.

One of the most obvious ways of adding richness to a blog is with photography. Here’s a list of useful resources. And here’s a list of picture editing tools.

Part of the reason Facebook has been so successful has been its willingness to allow other developers to add applications (of various degrees of usefulness, functionality and privacy!). Almost by definition, no two people’s Facebook page looks the same – customisation is central to a platform which allows the user to create an online identity and personality.

Think about your favourites examples. Do you consider the security and privacy implications when you add a new element to your profile?

Think about Twitter. Have you found applications that improve it for you. Tweetdeck is a must for me, but there are many, many others. Ideas?

For story-telling (for PR as much as for news) the flexibility and richness offered by maps and geo-tagging allows much scope for innovation.

Have you used Google earth? To buy a pizza, to organise an exercise routine (motion based)- or to illustrate a who owns which dog in the USA. Here are some more examples, including an application used to tell the story of the 2012 London Olympics.

One of my favourites, showing dog owners (and other vital statistics) in Cincinnati. I think I found it through Map Hawk.

Have a look at the Google Earth Community Forum. Look for ideas, and also think about the wealth of user-generated content that is powering the project. People are doing Google’s work for it. For free.

Here’s a demo.

The hosting browser in the demo for Twitter can be any default web brower, I.E, Firefox, …etc.

( iGETi ) Twitter Add On Tool For Google Earth Desktop

Imaginative use on telling news stories. Examples here

How can PR use Google Earth?